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I’m the least favorite child of my Mom because I am clumsy.


So I was born clumsy. The day God gave out clumsiness I was out with my 10 buckets to fill. If there’s an award for the clumsiest person alive, I’d have a collection… Continue reading

Hit me baby one more time!


There is no excuse for violence. Once your lover hits you, leave him right away. If he promises to change, don’t ever believe him. It’s not love! If you really love someone, you… Continue reading

The things I do when drunk


Usually, I’m a happy drunk but last night was different. I was in a corner drinking and already drunk, when I saw my friend Nikk and she stared back at me. I walked… Continue reading

For someone skinny, I have thick thighs


I have to wear business attire in school because it’s our dress code for our thesis subject. So I wore a skirt to school and one time I was sitting beside my friend.… Continue reading

Hello…Is it me you’re looking for?


So I’ve been gone for quite some time due to some important happenings in my life. Anyway, there’s nothing really new with my life at the moment. I’m still single with my ever… Continue reading

Perks of having pale skin.


My friends say they recognize me from a distance just by my paleness. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. In dark places such as the clubs and bars, they… Continue reading

Reasons to date me


Here’s a full list of why guys should date me. 1. I can go for days without bathing and still smell fresh. 2. I can pick things up with my feet. 3. I’ve… Continue reading

When she was still a baby monster


  I was cleaning my laptop files when I saw this. I almost cried and stared at it for a whole 5 minutes. I can’t believe how tiny she was 11 months ago.… Continue reading

Today was a good day for shirts with pearl buttons


Forgive me, but I just love this button down denim shirt with pearl buttons and I believe I look good in it. Muhahahaha! I’m sorry this will never happen again. 😦 But! Let… Continue reading

I just recently realized that I have 3 Mexican guy friends


Lol the thought just hit me a few days ago when I was talking to a Mexican guy friend and another Mexican guy friend messaged me. I was like “Where did I get… Continue reading

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