My name is Sam. Not Samantha, Samuelle, or Sambody. Just Sam.


I love food. I eat 7 times a day plus midnight snacks/dinner. I’m trying to get fat..I’ve been trying all my life to get love handles. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with “skinny genes”.


I’m 22 years young. I was born 3 days after Christmas which makes me sad because I only get to receive 1 gift for both occasions.



I am lazy. So lazy I wish I could teach my dogs how to cook, clean the bathroom, do the laundry and hand me the remote.


I’m a mixed breed. Half Filipino, half Korean. But I’m more Filipino since I live in the Philippines with a loud Filipina mother. I can speak both languages but don’t expect me to sing or dance Gangnam Style for you. No.


I have stage 2 CLL. Don’t feel sorry for me, just feed me and I’ll be ok.


I love hugs. They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  🙂