I’m the least favorite child of my Mom because I am clumsy.



So I was born clumsy. The day God gave out clumsiness I was out with my 10 buckets to fill. If there’s an award for the clumsiest person alive, I’d have a collection of my own at home.

I sprained the same ankle twice this month. First was when I was out with my friends at 3am sobering up when I didn’t see this stupid hole. I fell down to my face and hurt my ankle. A few weeks later I was going down the stairs and a few seconds later I was on my face again. I don’t remember how I fell and I swear I could have cried that moment. I felt so bad for myself and tried to be brave and pick myself up and sit on a nearby sidewalk. I felt my hands shaking and I was so confused and rattled I didn’t know what to do. I guess I was in shock. I called my brother right away and asked him in a shaky voice if he could pick me up and help me up the stairs to my apartment. He was my hero that day.

I then called my sister if she could get me ice and some bandages. She was so worried she came home right away. Then my mom found out about it. She called and the first thing she said was “You’re so clumsy. Can’t you go down the stairs without tripping? For god’s sake you’re not a child anymore!” I got annoyed. There was no hint of concern in her voice. I know it was just a sprain but as her child, I was expecting some love and caring from her. But no. She scolded me like a kid. So you can’t really blame me if I’m not close to my mom. God knows I’ve tried to connect with her for the past 10 years of my life. This is just one of the many times my mom showed how much she doesn’t like me. My siblings are all aware of this and if it wasn’t for my looks (I’m a splitting image of my mom) I would really believe I am adopted.