Hit me baby one more time!

There is no excuse for violence. Once your lover hits you, leave him right away. If he promises to change, don’t ever believe him. It’s not love! If you really love someone, you would never hurt her! Wake up ladies.

I for one,  had been a victim of domestic violence. I was dragged by the arm which ended up to bruising, I was pinched really hard in various places and he held my face not in a loving way.. He almost slapped me and hit my chest but he stopped. Ok so it was not as bad as it sounds but the mere fact that he handled me that way is a sign. If my bestfriend didn’t arrive, it could have been.worse for me. So I broke up with him right then and then.

I can say it caused me some problems with the way I see guys and it’s one of the contributing factors that caused my failed relationships. But I know not all men are the same. I just happen to have met a rotten one. So I’m not losing hope. I will someday find my own prince charming. *giggles*