Reasons to date me

Here’s a full list of why guys should date me.

1. I can go for days without bathing and still smell fresh.

2. I can pick things up with my feet.

3. I’ve finished Final Fantasy VII and IX without the help of my gamer brothers.

4. I can eat as much as you can eat.

5. Not picky with food at all. Just don’t take me to fancy restaurants.

6. I can sing better in the shower.

7. I know self defense. Kick guys in the balls. Boom!

8. I can write my name with my left hand. (I’m right handed)

9. I’m good in bed..I can sleep all day and not everyone can do that.

10. I can talk like Princess Lumpy from Adventure Time. Ohmyglob!

11. I can run fast. Faster when being chased by a dog.

12. I can fall asleep while watching TV.

13. I do my own laundry.

14. I don’t wear make-up..’cuz I don’t know how.

15. I have leukemia which means sometimes I may have hair, sometimes I don’t. More choices for you! šŸ™‚


So come on guys what are you waiting for? Ā Application forms are now available. Haha date me maybe?