Today was a good day for shirts with pearl buttons

Forgive me, but I just love this button down denim shirt with pearl buttons and I believe I look good in it. Muhahahaha!

I’m sorry this will never happen again. 😦

But! Let me just share this little story. It’s almost 1:30AM and here I am blogging while eating my hot pancakes with chocolate syrup. Mom’s been telling me I’ve been eating chocolate wayyy too much.

“Are you pregnant? You’ve been craving for sweets lately esp chocolates.”

“Yes. I am pregnant Mom.”

*Mom freaks out saying inaudible words* “Asdfghjkcncbdgygsbshsgabaaadadsdsaqrwsfs!!! Who got you pregnant?!”

“The Holy Spirit..”

Mom scolded me for a good an hour and a half. PicsArt_1365776654377