I just recently realized that I have 3 Mexican guy friends

Lol the thought just hit me a few days ago when I was talking to a Mexican guy friend and another Mexican guy friend messaged me. I was like “Where did I get all these Mexicans??” Don’t get me wrong, I love Mexicans. Awesome people and awesome food! I don’t mind marrying one. It’ll be like unicorn puke! Yay!


I can safely say that I’m also attracted to them. They have this odd charm that always seem to work with me. Romantic and the Spanish language is just so effin’ sexy! I grew up in a country which was under the Spanish rule for over 333 years. So I’m very much familiar with the Spanish language and traditions. It’s awesome.. the Spanish heritage here in my country is very high and influential. Anyway, I’m straying from the main point of this entry.

So far I have 3 Mexican guy “friends”. I don’t mean to sound so full of myself but 2 of them like me, and I’m in love with that one who doesn’t like me back. How ironic. Anyway.. It must be the beard that gets me all the time. All three have pretty beards and soul patches. God I love those.


Ok, let me describe to you the three guys. Melman, Aquaman and Spiderman. (Spiderman has been mentioned a lot in my past entries.)

Aquaman. He has long curly hair which is very pretty, beautiful eyes, cool beard and thin. He is sweet, affectionate, quiet, shy and is still a virgin. Lol. He is the youngest too.


Melman. Melman is a ball of energy! He is outgoing, funny, singer, dancer, plays basketball like it’s the only sport in the world, works out, vain, a Wilmer Valderrama look alike, and a hopeless romantic. We’re of the same age. I like him ‘cuz we grew up with the same things such as Mario, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Power Rangers, and so on. A hopeless romantic and always outspoken.


And the last but definitely not the least..Spiderman. The one I’m in love with is Spiderman. He’s the least good looking of the three.. He is the oldest (26), fat, shaved head, has the best sense of humor, and is already a dad. I know what you’re thinking.  He is the least attractive of the three but he’s the one who took my heart away. Hahaha! I’ve known him the longest and I can’t say more. I just love him and he doesn’t love me back.


Sucks balls.


Here’s a picture of my baby girl to make things lighter! Rawr!


Milca at 8 months. She's a bear!

Milca at 8 months. She’s a bear!