Make love to me food.

Everyone’s talking about Valentine’s Day. I’m single and I’m not bitter about having no date for V-day. I spent V-day at home in my pjs watching movies and lots of food. I’ve really enjoyed myself I must say. I didn’t have to get dressed, worry about my hair, shoes, dress, etc. Getting all pretty is not an easy job and I saved my “date” from murdering his wallet. But yea..I still got some presents from old suitors. Hahaha! I’m actually touched by the gesture and I got flowers from my superman but unfortunately my dogs ruined and ate the pretty flowers. Poor dad..he need not to know! I made funny valentine’s cards for my bff Cat and Spiderman. They both laughed and loved ’em so I’m glad. So that’s pretty much how I spent Valentine’s day 2013. Hahahahaha! Not bitter at all. I’ve made this poem for all of you. Enjoy!