I ate a choco honey dipped donut

I did as I was waiting for clients. There’s an existing Dunkin’ Donuts near my workplace and I always go there when there’s nothing to do at the studio. I eat alone but I buy donuts good for 3 people and eat them all by myself. I like eating alone because it gives me time to think about things. Like how much calories does a single donut have and if it would make me fat. If yes, then I want more of it.

My orange juice is too sweet. It makes my throat itchy. I need water.

Then I thought of my bff Cat. I miss her and I hope to see her soon. She’s my eating buddy. When we’re together we do nothing but eat. But she gets fat and I’m jealous!

Good news! Good news! I’ve gained 5kg in 3 weeks! It is a miracle with my condition and I am glad. I like how my jeans won’t fit, my shirts tight, my bra fuller and my thighs jucier. Hahaha! 😀


How much calories?

Let’s eat more donuts yo!!