I am sooo jealous.

“I like it when she’s here. I like her hair.”

Well duh she is your fiancee, your future wife, the mother of your wonderful 4-year old son..of course you like her being around.


So here I am again, talking about my heart problems so please just bear with me or just ignore this post.

I am jealous. Spiderman knows I like him a looot and tonight he decided to talk about his gf/fiancee/wife. I know I may sound bitter but you can’t blame me. I’m what they call “in love“. Ugh.. It sucks.

He shouldn’t have called me “Boo” which I like a lot. He shouldn’t have called me pretty which makes me smile. He shouldn’t have called me all these wonderful things which makes me fall deeper.. when he would just talk about how much he “likes” his gf.

He knows how I feel towards him. He should at least understand that I get hurt too.. Which in fact is a lot.

He is getting married soon..and I don’t know how I would take it in. I want him to be happy god knows how much.. and I have to freaking move on with my life. Ugh. I hate one sided love.

I have leukemia. Balls.