He wants me for my…dog.

So the other day I was walking Milca my 6 month old golden retriever puppy at the park when a guy called out to me. I looked back and he was smiling at me. He asked for my name and I was starting to notice how cute he looked. So I was like “Hmm..interesting. Could it be that he finds me pretty so he chased me and now he is asking for my name? Oooh I bet he is going to ask for my number too. Fun!”

I spoke too soon.

“Is your dog in heat? How old is she? You see..I have one too- wait let me call him. Hugo! Hugo  come here boy!”

I had no idea what was happening so I just stood there smiling like an idiot.

“Meet Hugo he is 3 years old. Oh by the way I’m Jason.”

“I’m Sam and this is Milca. She is only 6 months old. Haa..”

“Oh rats.. She is still too young. Anyway she looks pretty and healthy. Do you live nearby?”

Sooo.. He wants my dog not me. So while chatting Hugo suddenly jumped on Milca like he was about to do her. My eyes grew big and yelled “Nooo!”. Jason panicked and grabbed Hugo away from Milca and laughed.

“Sorry about that. He’s uhh..in need of a female companion. I’m sorry again.”

Milca almost got raped right in front of my two eyes!

So to cut the stort short, they said goodbye and told me where he lived. He did not ask for my number..he asked when will Milca turn a year old. He wants her babies!