He called me fat and I loved it

I was never fat even as a kid. I was always the skinny kid who never grew  taller. Now that I’m 21 years young, I’m stuck at 5 ft 3 1/2 inches. That half of an inch is very crucial to me. I never forget to put it when I fill in forms that would require height information.

I’ve been struggling to get fat. I eat a lot..maybe too much for a lady. I love food as much as I love my family. I could eat a whole cow and never get fat. I could pretty much eat whatever I want. Like, here I am eating a triple chocolate cake while my weight conscious friends watch me with pure envy.

I was never aware that I was too skinny until an ex told me I need to gain weight. It was like a wake up call. Lol. So I started eating more and more carbs like rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I did get fat..but I lose the gained weight fast.

So the other day, while my friend and I were watching TV, I stood up and went to the kitchen for some snacks. My friend Batman noticed something.

“Sam, are you getting fat or your butt just look bigger in those yoga pants?”

I was sooo flattered when he said I looked fat. Well..it was my butt he was referring to but still I consider his statement as a compliment.

So I am weight conscious in a good way. I want to get fatter. I am aiming for Jennifer Lawrence’s hot body. I hate that she’s already considered fat in Hollywood. Damn you skinny Hollywood “female dogs”.

Ladies, skinny is not always beautiful. Men love curves. Trust me..they love to see your lady parts jiggle. LOL