20 months of nonstop fun

It has been 20 months since Spiderman and I have been talking. Sure there are times when we run out of things to talk about since we talk every single day..except for the days when I’m too sick to use my phone. I get blinded by the screen, ha.


Earlier we were having an awesome conversation when all of a sudden he asked..

“Tell me..What do you call me?”

“Hmm.. In my head I call you Gordo, Spiderman and Him. Haha”

“Him? Hahaha! Ok well everyone in my family calls me Gordo so I guess that works. I call you pretty Sam.”


I guess he was getting all sentimental and I was right when out of the blue he said..

“Your emails are still like christmas by the way.”


Then I start feeling sentimental. He saw the movie Kung Fu Panda and got reminded of the time when I used to call him “Po”.


He is very special to me. I guess people wouldn’t understand how someone oceans away could affect me this much. My bff Cat for one, doubted him and thought it wouldn’t last long. But look at us now, 20 long months we’ve been talking. We’ve probably talked about everything and we still continue. He became a bestfriend. I could tell him things I can’t tell my girl bff Cat.


But then something happened..well, at least on my part. I fell. I know, it is ridiculous. Cat thought I was crazy. But hey, it’s not like I wanted it to happen. So like I’ve said in my earlier posts, he is very much taken so I just shut my mouth and keep everything to myself. The closest I could get is be his friend. But yea it would suck balls when he would talk about his fiancee and their sexy time. Hahaha it’s what I get for letting myself fall. I’m a hopeless romantic by the way.


So yea this post is getting longer. I just want to share how happy I am right now. It’s not a big thing but for me it means a lot. It’s the little things that makes me like him moar! Haha now I start to talk like him. 😛


If only I could hug you Po.. I’ll hug you until you choke. Rawr! 🙂