My blood is rare and has magic powers

I would tell the nurse that all the time when I get blood drawn out of me. It’s meant as a joke to make things lighter but the ever cranky old nurse would just answer “No, your blood type O. Very common.” Geez..and I thought nurses should make patients feel better.

But seriously, I am worried for a friend who is going to the doc today. He has anxiety, weird blood pressures and diabetes.  I know how it feels like going to the doctor. I should know. It sucks because they make you feel worse. I know they are just being honest but still.. I don’t know.. I’ve been feeling down all afternoon.

I cried twice this evening to fix my anxiety. A friend told me to cry because it helps..and it does.

I have a lot of issues in my head right now. I’m very confused.. My emotions are messed up too and I don’t know how to fix it. Two men are making my life even more complicated and it drives me crazy. I need a heart doctor too LOL.

Random thought: It is hard to let go. It is not that easy to just put aside feelings especially if you took care of those feelings with all your heart. Balls.

Congratulations Pres. Barack Obama!