I have a heart problem.

I have mentioned two men in my last post. Let’s name them guy A and guy B. A is my so-called the love of my life but he doesn’t know it yet and never will (over my dead and skinny body). If you have been reading my blog, you’ve probaly heard of him. He is in a far far away land with Pres. Obama as his president. I like him a little too much..love him even. But then again he does not know because I don’t want him to find me weird.

Aaaand guy B enters the picture. He is my high school friend who lives next door. I’ve known him forever and we are super friends. We hang out like bros and I think of him as one..until something happened. The next morning, he is not just a bro anymore. I start to see him in a different light. I think I like him more now. We hug and kiss like siblings before but now they don’t seem harmless anymore. So I thought “This is good I think..I’ll be able to get over guy A little by little.” But no. The idea makes me sad..really really sad. I don’t wanna stop loving him but the smart part of my brain is saying nothing’s gonna happen if I keep loving him. He is already engaged but I still don’t know why I hang on. It hurts. It hurts a lot..and I feel guilty about guy B. I like him too but not as much as I like guy A. I am stupid.

Why is the heart so stupid? It won’t listen to my brain!

So here I am ranting about my love life.. I am so confused and it is tiring me out. I know what to do, I really do. But I don’t have the courage to do it. I love guy A so much it hurts. What hurts the most is, he is so supportive of me liking guy B. Oh how I wish he just knew. They are two different men but both amazing.

My heart needs to attend obedience classes.

Have you had similar problems like mine? I would love to hear about it so we can both cry. Lol just kidding. We’ll help each other out. 🙂