Women are good drivers. I’m one of them.

My dad taught me how to drive. He made me drive a car with manual gear. I remember him telling me “Once you mastered driving in manual gear, you could pretty much drive any car, automatic or manual.”


I’m not saying this just because I’m a girl, but it was indeed pretty hard at first. But I eventually got the hang of it and I could never forget the “learning process”. My dad was almost shouting at me especially when I almost hit a post and an oncoming garbage truck. I remember I would panic everytime I lose control of the break. Sometimes I would forget which is the clutch from the break and gas pedal.


When my brother taught me how to drive too, we were shouting at each other like..

“Step on the break you turd! You’re going to hit the car!! Hurry!!!” 

“I aaaam stepping on the breeeak but why is it not stoppinng!?” 

“You stupid! Step on the clutch too!! Chicken head! You’re going to get us killed!!”

Then I just started crying. “I don’t wanna drive anymooore! I’m telling daaad! Waaaa! And stop yelling at me!!”


After weeks of practice, I got my driver’s license. I took the written examination and passed with flying colors. Don’t forget the road test which I killed. I’m awesome that way thanks to my patient dad and brother.


I love driving. 🙂