I love long drives when I’m not the one behind the steering wheel

I’ve been on the road with my big brother and sister. 6-8 hour drive going to this city where my grandma will land. She’s flying in from Las Vegas.


Anyway so yea, I love long drives. Just listening to my iPod while looking outside the window thinking about my life. Lol I know it sounds mushy and corny but I do think a lot. A friend would ask me “What’s on your mind right now?” and I would answer “Do you really want to know? It’ll take 5 minutes..I have a lot on my mind right now. At the moment I’m t

hinking why are you asking what’s on my mind and also thinking what’s on your mind too.”


For the sake of knowing, I’ll tell you what I would usually think.


1. I have leukemia. (Every single day I think of this so it’s number 1 on my list.)

2. My non-existent love life.

3. School..I miss it so much.

4.  I reminisce the times I spent with my friends. (and I just start to laugh and fart at the same time.)

5. My dogs and their poop.

6. The current song I’m listening too and forcing it to fit somewhere in my life so I could “relate” to it.

7. The clothes I’m currently wearing.

8. My brother who’s driving and my sister who’s asleep beside me.

9. I wish my eyes were like cameras. (So I could take pictures of everything I see.)

10. My exes. (Then I would start to “miss” them and think what happened to us.)

11. The person I’m currently in love with and how it sucks that I can’t do anything about it.

12. The shoes I wanted to buy but no money to get it.

13. What shall I eat on the next stop.

14. Dirty things. (e.g. sex)

15. Why I think of  “dirty things” and laugh.

16. My non-existent love life. (Oh wait, I think that was number 2..oh well.)

17. Oh f*ck this song is totally about me! (and I start to feel so emotional and sad)

18. Hahahaha! I’m pathetic.
19. I’m such a drama queen inside my head.


Yea..so that’s what happens inside my head. I have more, but this entry wouldn’t be enough. Everything I think about is so random for a human being’s mind is a train of random things. We are just like dogs who get distracted by a thought. The only difference is, it happens so fast we’re not aware of it. We thought we’re so focused about one thing but during the whole time we’ve thought of a hundred things in a split second.


Here’s a random picture of my head.