We’ve been sleeping on the same bed for almost 15 years..

..before we got our own.

My sister just moved in with me the other day and she’ll be staying for a long time. Since I live alone, all my furniture are all good for one person including my bed. Last night wasn’t that good. My sister is a bad sleeper. She moved a lot and she almost kicked me out of bed. I woke up 3 times last night because she took my pillow and blanket. This morning I woke up feeling her breath fanning my face. I opened my eyes and her face was soooo close to mine. I pushed her face and went back to sleep.

I told her to sleep on the couch tonight but she said she missed me. It’s just her way of saying no.

She’s an early bird. She woke up, took a long bath, got dressed and most of all put her beloved makeup. She even went through my closet and god knows what she did there. I just found out she picked some clothes for me to wear today.

It’ll take time before I get used to it again. But it’s ok, I missed our long girl talks before we finally fall asleep. I say, I missed having her around. We’re only 2 years apart so we got into a lot of fight when we were little but I love her to death.

I’m in bed with her while writing this. She says hi!