My mom said I need to keep my mouth shut

I tend to blurt inappropriate things at the wrong time. It’s one of my problems. Often times I get into trouble and people would think I’m being mean which is not really the case.


One time my friend broke his arm and the bone was like sticking out. It was not a pretty sight. Everyone gathered around him so I did too. When I saw his condition I went “Wooow~!” then everyone looked at me as if they wanted to strangle my beautiful swan-like neck.


Another, I was with my family watching the movie The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, then all of a sudden here comes a very steamy love scene. Everyone was quite because it was kinda awkward especially with your parents beside you. I, on the other hand was very engrossed and curious about the scene going on and so my ever trusted big mouth blurted out “Good thing I can’t get a boner.”


Anoooother. It was at a party full of relatives. My mom and my aunts were talking about this old man who just died. My aunt was like “Poor old man..there were only a few who attended his funeral..” All of a sudden I blurted out “Haha~”


My mom scolded me after that party. She told me it was rude but I really didn’t mean it. It came out of my mouth like lava. I couldn’t control it. Well..I tried.


I need duct tape.