Coffee makes you do stupid things faster with more enthusiasm!

It was 4PM and I was bored to death with a runny nose. My big brother called asking if I would like to join him for dinner. Since I got nothing to do on a Saturday night, I said yes. So I thought..“I still have a couple of hours before I see him. Maybe I should get coffee first then maybe go for a short walk while waiting.”  So I did. I put on my black shirt, yellow hoodie, denim shorts and blue sneakers and left.


I went to my usual coffee place, got my coffee and went for a short walk. As I was walking, I saw this girl with nice bangs. Then boom. The next thing I knew I was walking out of a salon with bangs.


To cut the story short, my big brother laughed at me the entire time we’re having dinner. He felt bad for laughing and got me cough syrup.


I went home stared at my reflection and cursed coffee.



Damn you coffee.