Dreams don’t necessarily come true.

I dream about him a lot and I think it’s obvious why. I like it when I dream of him because I wake up feeling warm inside and happy.


Once, I dreamt of us eating a burger together. It was my favorite burger and I shared it with him and he liked it.

I dreamt that we were walking wearing matching hoodies and he got me mocha frappe.

I dreamt of him giving me his jacket and handed me a coke then we just stood there.

I dreamt of driving and getting lost. I called him and told him all I see are tress and started crying. He laughed and told me to just follow the road.


The other day, he told me he dreamt of me. He kept driving and his windows were dirty. Finally, he reached Korea and was worried if he should tell me or not.

Another, he dreamt of me passing by wearing a very blue dress with sweaty bangs because it was hot. He went outside to play basketball but he kept missing his shots and so I gave him a bad look.

He dreamt of me at the beach. The water was so blue and he said I was very energetic, running, laughing and so full of life.

He also dreamt that we were out walking and he was making sure I was ok at all times. He said he was worried.


When he dreams about me, I feel so important. He always tells me when I visit his dream. Before, we would tell each other to visit each other’s dream so that we could talk and hang out. It made me realize how much I want to meet him in person. I wanna see him and just hang out and talk about things without typing it down and pressing the send button. I wanna hear him talk to me about his day and the show he’d seen and stuff.