Make yo Daddy proud

He’s a great dad. It’s one of the many things that I admire about him.


He calls his 4 year old son “animal” and I find it really cute. He talks about him with so much love and joy. He would tell me that he’s sunshine to him. When he’s troubled at work, one look at animal’s picture and he would feel better. I don’t have my own kid yet but I understand how that feels. I have 2 awesome nephews and I wish they were mine.


Today, his team had a soccer game. He is the coach and animal is in his team. Right after the game, he messaged me saying that his little animal scored.

“Bro, animal scored. A lot.”


That’s what he said. I know how prooooud he is. He loved soccer since forever, and animal being so good at soccer makes him the proudest dad in the world. He’s happy. Very happy.


I feel glad that he shared the good news to me. When he left for the game, I wasn’t expecting him to message me until morning, but an hour later he told me the good news. It’s awesome. I feel so happy for him.


I don’t know.. I’m so far away and I didn’t even see the game. I haven’t even met animal in person yet but I could feel his excitement through his emails. I wish I could see him looking all proud. That would’ve been priceless.


Animal is a good kid thanks to his awesome mom. 🙂


And oh by the way, they lost the game. His players got distracted by the airplane and the by the color of the other team.