Do you eat broccoli?

My nephew Mason asked me that question at 6am through a phone call.


Saturday. 6:00AM when my phone rings

Mason: “Tita Kimi, do you eat broccoli?”

Me: “Mason? Wait..what time is it? 6am? Why are you up so early babe?”

Mason: “I said do you eat broccoli?”

Me: *giggles* “Yes babe, I eat broccoli. Why do you ask?”

Mason: “The Powerpuff girls said that all adults eat broccoli and mom said you are an adult. I was just making sure.”

Me: *laughing* “Oh Mase, you’re so cute. Yes, I am an adult and I eat broccoli.

Mason: “I don’t like broccoli and Al too. They look like little trees.”

Me: *laughing so hard now* “They do look like little tress..but you should listen to your mom. They’re good for you. “

Mason: “Ok.” 

Al: “Kimi! Bwoccoli can walk. Asdfghjklqwertyuincnshsnhcdn.”

Me: “Hi Al! What’s that again?”

Al: *mumbling something about the powerpuff girls episode*

Me: “Yes, yes babe you should eat broccoli. “


For 15 minutes we talked about broccoli and I’ve learned that the Powerpuff Girls fought alien broccoli. All the kids in the city of Townsville ate them all up and peace was restored.


Eat not just your peas, but your broccoli too if you don’t want them taking over your city.